Programs at Hope Rising

Hope Rising offers to the youth in its care Talk Therapy, Equine Therapy, Life Skills, and wrap-around services. We take a trauma-informed approach and adhere to trust-based relational intervention (TBRI) as developed by the Karin Purvis Institute at Texas Christian University.

We offer foster parents respite services at no cost, along with annual training and assistance with complying with the technical requirements of foster parent service. We host a private Facebook group for parents to connect with each other and to build community.

Each home is assigned a caseworker to serve as a liaison to services and to the State of Texas’ oversight agencies.

To express interest in becoming a foster parent, please submit our foster care interest form here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Human Trafficking really an issue in Texas?

Yes. According to a 2016 University of Texas study, an estimated 79,000 minors and youth are victims of commercial exploitation through sex trafficking in Texas each year.  The epidemic is statewide and touches all socio-economic levels and communities. 

How many homes do you currently have for survivors?

We are constantly growing, and at the moment we have 8 homes. 

Is sex trafficking different from prostitution?

When statistics show that the majority of women in prostitution were forced, coerced, or lured before the age of 18, it’s difficult to ever want to make the assumption that a woman chose the life for herself. Instead, it is safer to assume that women are trafficked into prostitution.