How Epstein Recruited Girls for Sex

August 14, 2019

How Epstein Recruited Girls for Sex

Jennifer Araoz was approached (at the age of 14) by an (Epstein) female recruiter who would loiter outside her dance studio in New York City. The female recruiter pretended to take a genuine interest in Jennifer, asking where she lived and determining her connections. (Gauging her accessibility)

After learning that Jennifer had recently lost her father, the recruiter recognized her loneliness and began to move in. The recruiter invited Jennifer to come “hang out” in a local apartment of one of her friends named Jeffery Epstein. The female talked about how awesome Jeffery was and how good of a guy he was to all of them. They admitted he was a ‘bit eccentric’ but told Jennifer he just liked to hang out with new friends and was harmless.

After each visit, the recruiters would pay her $300 for her social visit. This conditioned Jennifer (and other victims) to expect money with each social visit. The visits eventually led to Epstein asking for massages, then asking the girls to take off their shirts, and eventually to forced rape. After being raped, Jennifer never returned to his apartment and it has taken years for her to begin to understand how she was recruited, groomed, and raped.

The Epstein circle, no doubt, expected her to enter the ranks of sex service, but instead, she fled, never to return. It is important to realize that a 14-year-old is a child. They do not “know” what is coming. They do not understand “where this is heading”. They are children who after sexual abuse and exposure often feel ‘used’ and ‘only good for sex’. Therefore, they enter into a lifetime of sexually destruction habits, or sexual services.

If the push to legalize prostitution continues, it is feasible to see situations like this as becoming part of the job. It would fall under, “and other duties as assigned” with no chance for legal recourse. How would you feel if your daughter or granddaughter’s first job required being raped as part of their duties? Legalized prostitution will make it impossible to prosecute criminals because we can all say, “she was just doing what came with the job.”