Hope Rising's Specialized Foster Care Specializing in Survivors of Sexual Abuse

What it Takes

Hope Rising will provide a list of requirements at an informational meeting. The requirements include financial stability without the foster care stipend that you would receive for the care of the children, having an adequate home size, passing a background check, completing preparation training including the training, and completing a Home Study evaluation.

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The Benefits

Being a foster parent to children who have survived exploitation and abuse is not for the faint of heart. It requires a calling and a commitment. The joy comes when you see a broken girl who has been hurt transform into a woman who knows her worth and purpose and becomes the person she was meant to be. We train foster parents how to use trauma-informed care to help the children in their care push through the pain and anger and achieve lasting recovery. Hope Rising also provides ongoing trainings, respite care, and wrap-around services. There is immediate access to an on-call case manager for emergencies. Foster children receive free medical care and therapy, and foster parents receive a reimbursement to help pay for their foster child’s living expenses.

It Takes a Village

Hope Rising strives to give every foster child an environment that is by God’s design, a family that is nurturing and encouraging, but that also helps to build their character using Biblical principles. We understand that life, in general, can be hard and confusing to navigate, but add to that layers of trauma, neglect, and abuse, and life can become chaotic and painful. Our homes and wrap-around services allow many individuals to become part of the child’s support structure. We provide safe mentors, tutors, art therapy, and equine therapy. Most of all, the child gets to experience the unconditional love and commitment of a Christian family, and the support and encouragement of a church community.

Foster Care is a Ministry

If you feel called by God to do this work, are passionate about ministering to these girls, please fill out the interest form to begin the vetting process or if you just want more information.

Foster Care Interest Form


mom and daughterFostering Description:


  • Provide 24-hour care of foster children with various diagnoses such as RAD, ADD, ADHD, FASD, Bipolar, Conduct Disorder, Developmental Delays, and other emotional needs.
  • Encourage and reinforce appropriate behaviors through trauma-informed care using trust-based behavior management techniques.
  • Respond quickly and appropriately in emotional/behavioral crisis situations using the least restrictive intervention necessary to maintain safety of the child and others.
  • Attend court hearings and foster care review boards to ensure successful, clear communication of essential information. Provide mentoring in life skills as teens approach adulthood.


  • Acts as an educational advocate for children with regard to school placement, 504 accommodations, and Individual Education Plans for special education. Work with teachers and administrators to develop an effective Behavior Intervention Plan based on the child’s specific emotional needs.
  • If fostering a Specialized level child that has been diagnosed with PTSD, the child may need to attend our virtual charter school and will need supervision during school learning and activities.


  • Attend to health care needs – ensuring that regular medical, psychiatric, and dental checkups, hearing and vision exams, as well as other special medical needs assessments and appointments, as they arise, are kept.
  • Attend all therapies (physical, occupational, speech, equine, etc.) and implement therapy strategies recommended.
    Consult with psychiatrists about the efficacy of child medications.


  • Coordinate with social workers, ad items, CASAs, and others involved in the case to ensure that all physical and emotional needs of the child are met.
  • Work with Hope Rising to identify the child’s needs and exploring resources and services to be executed in an Individual Service Plan.


  • Maintain records for child’s time in foster care; including medical/dental records, daily medication dosage records, developmental milestones, educational documentation, etc.

Hope Rising’s primarily Christian purpose and character are central to the execution of its full vision and mission and we operate from these core values:

  • Compassion is expressed individually by putting ourselves in others’ shoes;
  • Excellence means being selected as the organization of choice;
  • Being above reproach means manifesting the highest moral caliber;
  • Integrity means earned trust;
  • Accountability means being responsible for our results;
  • Cooperation means caring and working with the entire team at Hope Rising, with clients and with external stakeholders;
  • Passion means that as individuals we will only rest when we know that every child is safe.

Minimum Qualifications include:

  • Married Couple or Single Female
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • 1-2 years of related experience/education
  • Valid Texas Driver’s license with excellent driving record
  • Must possess and exhibit behavior that demonstrates cultural diversity and sensitivity
  • Must possess and exhibit high moral standards

Foster Parent Services

When our foster parents have a family emergency, need personal time, or just need a break, they rely on Respite Providers to provide short-term care for their foster children.