What We Do and Why

Hope Rising is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and licensed Texas Child Placing Agency dedicated to the rescue and restoration of minors rescued from human sex trafficking.

foster mom and child

what we do

What We Do

We provide a specialized trauma-informed continuum of care from rescue and emergency assessment and long term specialized foster care to transitional living and continued support after a child turns 18. 

who we serve

Who We Serve

We serve children who have suffered sexual trauma and/or exploitation and specialize in helping survivors of human sex trafficking.

our mission at hope rising

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide long-term care and recovery for minor children who have been rescued from human sex trafficking and exploitation. Hope Rising is committed to instilling hope, offering a future to these minors, and fostering wholeness and healing.

our location

Our Location

Headquartered in Houston, we serve counties within a 150-mile radius.  This area of service includes Harris, Waller, Washington, Montgomery, Fort Bend, and Austin Counties.

long term commitment

Long Term Commitment

Hope Rising believes strongly in long-term, committed relationships being key to the success of the minors they work with. Foster families are a significant piece of the puzzle, therefore Hope Rising invests heavily in the training and ongoing support of our foster care network.

teaching and training

Teaching, Training & Equipping

Education and awareness are key to preventing human sex trafficking. Hope Rising provides certification training to foster parents, caregivers, law enforcement, bio-parents and mentors ensuring that all will have the tools needed to address the child’s trauma and achieve lasting results.

What We Provide Who We Serve  What We Expect


What We Provide

  • A safe and peaceful specialized foster family home
  • Trauma-informed equine therapy
  • Trauma-informed art therapy
  • Character building lessons based on Biblical Principals
  • Life Skills
  • Health and Wellness Program
  • Clothing and personal care items if needed
  • Assistance in scheduling appointments and setting up transportation
  • Meds distribution and monitoring
  • Strengths development based on the goals of the child
  • Relationship restoration counseling
  • Counseling with a licensed mental health professional
  • Case management
  • Mentorship with trained mentors
  • Participation in 4H or Young Farmers if desired
  • Trust Based Relational Intervention

Who We Serve:

We serve children who have suffered sexual trauma and/or exploitation and specialize in helping survivors of human sex trafficking.

What We Expect:

  1. A child cannot be actively suicidal or homicidal and should be taken first to a medical detox facility prior to placement, if necessary
  2. A child entering our program needs to be willing to follow our rules for the safety and well-being of the treatment team and foster family
  3. Length of stay depends on progress, based on evaluations that are done every 30 days

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Human Trafficking really an issue in Texas?

Yes. According to a 2016 University of Texas study, an estimated 79,000 minors and youth are victims of commercial exploitation through sex trafficking in Texas each year.  The epidemic is statewide and touches all socio-economic levels and communities. 

How many homes do you currently have for survivors?

We are constantly growing, and at the moment we have 8 homes. 

Is sex trafficking different from prostitution?

When statistics show that the majority of women in prostitution were forced, coerced, or lured before the age of 18, it’s difficult to ever want to make the assumption that a woman chose the life for herself. Instead, it is safer to assume that women are trafficked into prostitution.